Giorgetti Group has built up a vast knowledge and experience in the shipyards and marinas industry in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Shipyards and marinas are following thedevelopments in yachting, which implies continuous evolutions and investments in this sector.
Our services and projects support our customers in these evolutions and investments, working on: Market research; Management; Mergers & acquisitions; Optimization and development projects; New constructions.

Requests for special nautical projects have regularly crossed our pathway. This expertise has been gathered and structured in a nautical projects department. Over the years, we have received many requests for special purpose crafts. Most of these projects are based upon ideas around large yachts, specific hulls or professional vessels. We welcome our customers with their specific projects. If it is floatable, we can realize it!

Typical Projects:

  • Symbolic yachts
  • Special design/purpose yachts
  • Yacht club crafts
  • Pleasure crafts
  • Floating pools
  • Floating event centers

Both maritime heritage and historical ship reconstruction and consultancy are part of our own company’s heritage. Museums and project initiators are welcome with these initiatives. In the area of private maritime heritage, Giorgetti Group has a large track record of restoring and reconstructing classic sailing and motor yachts, covering the whole process, from project management and design, to engineering and delivery.